Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is my first post for this blog.

Who I am
My name is Alfred Sawatzky.  I live in Boulder, Colorado, USA.  I like maps.

What I do
I have worked in the GIS realm since graduating from BCIT in 1996.  I currently work for a Smallworld implementor (iFactor Consulting) as a senior consultant on electric, gas and telecom utility projects.

Why OSM?
In early 2010, I was working on a Smallworld plugin called Web Maps Connector that exposes various tile-based data sets in the Smallworld client.  Someone suggested to me that I check out OpenStreetMap.  I checked it out, implemented the connector and now I'm hooked on OSM :)

I also like to ride my bike around town and got a Garmin GPS about a year ago.  So now I can survey and ride at the same time.

My areas of interest in OSM include improving the data in:

I am also working on a Maperitive-rendered bicycling map of Boulder.  I will post more on that later.

My contact info:
Twitter: @boulderalf

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